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The Top 5 Reasons To Install Wire Security Partitions

Wire Security Partitions Installations

Wire security partitions provide flexible, onsite storage for warehouses, apartments, employees, and military personnel. Wire security partitions can be an economical choice by utilizing existing space in your facility without compromising security. These wire security partitions allow light exposure and airflow required without jeopardizing strength and these units are built to last. They are a terrific solution when secure storage is needed in your facility while still allowing free movement around the secure area.

Why wire partitions are a great option for secure storage

2. Communication lines – wire partitions act as a secure compartment for critical communication lines such as fiber and microwave radio. As you see, with so many demands placed on the network within the military, these carriers must remain highly secure. It is imperative to find a highly dependable storage solution that can manage and protect all of these communications lines. 3. Surge and arc protection – many power supply systems like these are connected to computer networks. With a large number of these network connections, you need to find a partition that offers protection from damaging surges and direct hits from high voltage arcs. 4. No single point of failure – A power outage could cause the partition to be compromised.

What makes wire partitions more economical than other options?

The wire security partition offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to metal shipping containers, which are most often used as secure storage systems for items that are sensitive to dust and moisture, such as precious art or firearms. Metal shipping containers are not built to last and while some are sturdy, their protective features have a limited lifespan. Wire security partitions are steel reinforced steel, and the units are made to withstand the rigors of storage without being placed in direct exposure to the outside elements. The fact that wire security partitions are steel reinforced can be a significant advantage to your industry.

How can wire partitions help to save space in a facility?

Wire security partitions offer great space-saving solutions. The best benefit to using these systems in a warehouse or high-security area is that they allow light exposure and airflow while maintaining the security needed in the area. What are the top 5 benefits of using wire security partitions? 1. Provides secure storage for a warehouse, warehouse units, offices, tenants, or any facility. 2. Offers controlled light and ventilation to maximize functionality. 3. Eliminates the need for large wall systems, can be easily moved around, is highly customizable, and does not need a power source. 4. Generates controlled spaces which make a great conversation area. 5. Can be easily installed in existing rooms and warehouse units without damaging walls or floors.

What are the benefits of wire security partitions?

Safe storage that does not compromise security High-quality professional installation Flexible enough to accommodate diverse users Offers increased space for providing additional storage and/or airflow, all while maintaining security Easy to install and efficient to operate Easy to clean Modular for easy system deployment and maintenance Designed for both fire and heat suppression Secure that only authorized personnel can access Flexible enough to provide housing for guards and cameras, should that be desired Lifetime construction warranty and covered by insurance for most brands Click on the links below for more information on the top five benefits of installing wire security partitions.

How do wire security partitions compare with other types of security walls?

The most important aspect of your wire security partitions installation is compatibility. The selected components are installed based on compatibility and these are often rated for the same performance. Most unit manufacturers are focused on delivering products that are easy to install and to stand up to the frequent weather changes associated with outdoor temperatures. The use of a composite plastic casing throughout the enclosure, with an aluminum shim in strategic locations, and a PVC construction is an industry-standard and design that many products are being constructed with today. One of the most unique aspects of wire security partitions is the parallel layers of steel within the unit.


Wire security partitions are one of the most popular and effective ways to secure your computer and data. They are relatively inexpensive, available in a variety of configurations, and are easy to install and install right away. The procedure for wire security partitions varies depending on the configuration you decide to utilize. For more information about how to implement security partitions please click on the image below to download a paper version of our article.